Understanding + Differences Between Workbooks And Worksheets In Microsoft Excel

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Understanding + Differences Between Workbooks And Worksheets In Microsoft Excel

Explaining the meaning and differences of workbooks and worksheets as well as the meaning of columns, rows, cells and ranges or cell ranges in Microsoft Excel as well as standard operations that can be performed on a worksheet in Excel

Previously, we learned a little about the parts of the Microsoft Excel interface and their functions. Now we will learn about the differences between workbooks and worksheets in excel and the meaning of the terms Column and Row and also the meaning of Cell and Range in Microsoft Excel and how to use both. The excel section.

Before getting to know Excel, I am sure most of us are more familiar with Microsoft Word as part of the Microsoft Office application package which is used to write documents in the arrangement of paragraphs of sentences as needed.

Although both can be used to create documents, the basic functions of Excel are different from Microsoft Word. Ms. Application. Word is more used to process words while Excel is used to process numbers.

Microsoft Excel's work area is not like Microsoft Word, which looks like sheets the size of printed paper. In Microsoft Excel, where we process this number is divided into several parts, each of which is further divided into smaller parts to make it easier for us to process data, most of which are nominal numbers.

Difference between workbook and worksheet in Excel

What is the difference between a workbook and a worksheet?

Before discussing further about the Differences between workbooks and worksheets in Excel, please pay attention to the appearance of the following excel worksheets:

Difference between workbook and worksheet in Excel

Excel workbook

Definition of a Workbook - A workbook in Microsoft Excel is called a Workbook. Each excel file must have 1 workbook. For this reason, an excel file which usually has the extension xlsx , xlsb or xlam can also be called a workbook.

A workbook is a place or area where we perform various main activities in Microsoft Excel.

This Excel workbook is then divided into smaller parts called worksheets or worksheets.

Definition of a workbook can also be interpreted as an excel file that contains a collection of 1 or more worksheets. So it can also be interpreted that a workbook in Microsoft Office Excel is a collection of worksheets.

Then what is an excel worksheet?

Excel worksheet

Definition of a Worksheet - A worksheet in Microsoft Excel which is also called a worksheet is part of a workbook, a place where we enter data, create tables, and create charts, and so on.

If the Microsoft Excel workbook or workbook is a book, the Excel worksheet or workbook is the pages of the book.

So a worksheet is a smaller part of a workbook and vice versa, a collection or collection of worksheets in an excel document is called a workbook.

A worksheet starts with row numbers (Row) one and column (Column) A. Each cell can contain numbers, text or formulas. A cell may also be based on references from other cells in the same worksheet, same workbook, or different workbooks.

Microsoft Excel worksheets are divided into rows and columns where rows and columns meet, called excel cells.

So, what is meant by columns, rows and cells in Excel?

Understanding and Differences in Columns and Rows in Excel
Understanding and Differences in Columns and Rows in Excel

Excel Columns

Column or in other terms column is a section that crosses vertically upwards which is marked with the letters A, B, C, and so on.

Excel rows

The row is the part of the worksheet that runs horizontally to the side and is marked with the numbers 1, 2, and 3 and so on.

Difference between Cell and Range in Excel

Difference between Cell and Range in Excel

Excel Cell

The meeting between the columns and rows that are a little boxes on a worksheet called the Cell

Cell in Excel is a term for the meeting point between columns and rows on a worksheet where we enter text, numbers or Excel formulas or formulas.

A cell is usually given the name or address according to the column name and row number, for example Cell C5, which means it refers to the cell in column C in row number 5. 

Excel Range

Range excel the other side collection of some cells in an Excel worksheet.

Starting from Excel 2007, the number of columns provided by Excel is 16,384, while the number of rows is 1,048,576. Meaning that a worksheet contains 17 billion cells or the exact number 17,179,869,184 cells.

For the next we will learn about things related to excel worksheets.

Working with Excel Worksheets

When creating a new file, Excel by definition provides 3 worksheets named Sheet 1, Sheet 2 and Sheet 3.

With a worksheet, it will be easier for us to manage data sets in the excel file that we created. For example, on sheet 1 we fill in the expenditure data, in sheet 2 we fill in the income data, while on sheet 3 we use it as a place to compile the report.

Is that all? Of course not then we will learn about things that we can do with this excel worksheet.

Adding a New Worksheet

How do I add an excel worksheet or worksheet?

To add a worksheet, you can do it by clicking the plus sign (+) next to it Tab worksheet.

Adding a New Worksheet

Another way is to go and select. The first method will add a new worksheet on the right, while the second method will add a worksheet to the left of the worksheet tab. The number of worksheets that we can add is limited by available computer memory. So basically you can add as many worksheets as your computer can handle it.Tab Home--Group Cells--Insert Sheet

Tab Home

Delete the worksheet

How do I delete an excel worksheet?

The number of standard worksheets that appear when opening Excel is 3 (three). If you no longer need it, you can delete one or more worksheets and leave only one worksheet.

To delete a worksheet, right click on the worksheet to delete and then select the menu Delete.

How do I delete an excel worksheet or worksheet

The second way is to delete via the menu Delete Sheet on .Tab Home--Group Cells--Delete


via the menu Delete Sheet

If the sheet contains certain data, Excel will display a warning message stating that the sheet will be permanently deleted and cannot be returned.


Be careful when deleting a worksheet, because a deleted worksheet cannot be returned (undo) again. Make sure that the data in the worksheet to be deleted is really no longer needed.

Switch between Worksheets

How do I move between worksheets?

The way to move from sheet to sheet is by selecting (clicking) the sheet name in the worksheet section of the Tab.

You can also move excel sheet without mouse. The quick way to move sheets with the keyboard is with a shortcut to move to the next sheet or by moving to the previous sheet.Ctrl + PageUp Ctrl + Page Down

Change the Worksheet Order

How do I change the order of an excel worksheet?

To change the position of the worksheet in Tab order, click and hold the worksheet to be moved, then drag and drop it into the desired order on the worksheet tab.


How do I change the order of an excel worksheet

Another way is to right click on the worksheet name then select menu Move or Copy...

Hiding and showing the worksheet

How do I hide a worksheet in Excel?

How to hide a specific worksheet is to right click on the worksheet name and select menu Hide.

Hiding and showing the worksheet

To show a hidden worksheet, right click on the part of one of the worksheet names in the Worksheet Tab, then select the menu that appears Unhide. From the list or list of hidden worksheets select one to be displayed then click OK.

How do I hide a worksheet in Excel

Change the Worksheet Name

In order to better reflect the contents of the data set, we need to rename a Worksheet so that it is easier for us to remember.

You do this by right-clicking on one of the worksheets which we will rename then on the contextual menu that appears select rename. We can also do this in an easier way, by double clicking on the worksheet name.

Henceforth, we can change the name of the worksheet as needed.

change the name of the worksheet as needed

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