How To Use Auto Fill Data In Microsoft Excel

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How To Use Auto Fill Data In Microsoft Excel

One of the techniques that need to be mastered in operating Microsoft Excel is inputting data.

Instead of manually entering data in a worksheet, we can use the feature Auto Fill or stuffing Automatic to fill the cell with the data that follows a pattern or based on other cell data. This feature is very useful when we create an excel formula.

About the Auto fill Feature in Excel

Auto Fill is a feature in the Excel application that is used to fill data in a range based on a certain pattern from data in other cells. For example, we use this feature to make sequential numbering.

How to Use Excel Auto fill

How to use this feature is relatively easy, you can use the Auto Fill button in the Editing group on the Home tab or use drag with the mouse. But I myself prefer Auto Fill by dragging the mouse because it is the easiest way to do it.

How to Use Excel Auto fill

To be clearer, here is an example of how to use Auto Fill.

1) In the following figure you can see that cells A2 to A3 already contain data in the form of numbers 1 to 3. If you want to continue the numbering to the next bottom cell, then you can just highlight cells A2 to A3. Then when the cell is still highlighted, move the mouse to the lower right corner until the mouse pointer changes to a fill handle (black plus sign) as shown below.

here is an example of how to use Auto Fill

2) Next click and hold then drag downward to pass several cells as needed and release the mouse button. In the picture below, I dragged the mouse to the number 10.

example of how to use Auto Fill.

3) After the mouse is released the results can be seen in the following image where the following cells are automatically filled with consecutive numbers.

example of how to use Auto Fill.

4) In conjunction with the use of Excel formulas, you can use Auto Fill to quickly copy formulas from one cell to other adjacent cells. The principle is the same as the Auto Fill example above, which always follows the pattern that has been formed in the cell being the reference. For more details, consider the following example.

example of how to use Auto Fill.

5) In the picture above, of course, we can easily calculate the sum of Data A and Data B in column C in cell C2 using the Basic Calculation Operators. The formula is: = A2 + B2

6) Next, how to calculate the sum of the next cells, cells C3 to C6? The manual method is of course possible, but imagine if the data we have to calculate is quite a lot, then the manual method or entering formulas one by one would be inefficient.

7) To make our work faster and easier, we can use the Auto Fill feature that Excel has provided. The method is the same as the previous Auto Fill example. You just have to select cell C2 which already contains the calculation formula, then bring the mouse pointer to the lower right corner and then click, hold, then drag it downward (See Auto Fill Formula 2 Figure).

example of how to use Auto Fill.

8) After arriving at cell C6, release the mouse button and see the results. Automatically cells C3 to C6 already contain a formula with reference to the formula in cell C2.

After trying the example above, try the Auto Fill Formula by dragging the mouse to the right through several columns D, E, F, and so on. According to the needs.

If analyzed, from this example we can observe that the Auto Fill process on the cells containing the formula will always add the cell address to the next cell, depending on which direction we are doing the Auto Fill process:

  • If the direction is down, the line number will always increase, for example 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.
  • If the direction is right then the column names will always increase, for example A, B, C, D, E, etc.

In the example above, the direction of the Auto Fill process is down, so that the row number will always increase while the column names remain.

Excel Auto fill Not Working

If the fill handle or black plus sign symbol on the corner of the cell doesn't appear, it means that the auto fill feature is not functioning / active.

To activate auto fill, how to:

  • Open the menu excel option
  • In the section, make sure the section is checked. Advanced--Editing options Enable fill handle and cell drag-and-drop

If in this excel tutorial there is something that is not yet understood or maybe my friend finds an error that I gave a tutorial, do not hesitate to submit it in the comments column provided. Thank you for deigning to read.

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